Warehouse Striping

When considering a warehouse floor striping project, the first thing to decide is how long you would like you striping/markings to last. Many of our warehouse floor striping customers have issues preventing them from putting down a product that will be hard to remove years later. One example might be a short lease on the property itself, while another might be a known reconfiguration in the near future or a multi use area that can change many times over the year. Whatever the situation is, it’s important to think about these factors before deciding what kind of durability you are looking for.

Alvarez Striping offers line striping products that can last up to 5 years+ depending on conditions. However these services would require us to prepare the concrete floor to accept paint with a process called shot blasting. This floor prep process can leave a mild yet permanent etch to your concrete floor in terms of the finish. As you consult with us, it will allow us to come up with the perfect scenario that is right for your concrete floor. We will give you all the options for your needs and allow you to make the best decision for your project.

Warehouse Floor Stencil Painting

Many of our customers such as Amazon, Sulzer, PolyOne, Nalco Champion, Shlumberger, Budweiser and many more keep track of their products by using elaborate inventory management systems. Whether it be signs, stickers, or floor stencils these are very efficient and can let you know exactly where your product is and how much there is just at a glance. Let us know your needs in this area and we will be happy to make suggestions for the best possible outcome.

Warehouse Acid Resistant Floor Coatings

If you have a warehouse chances are you have a forklift. This can create problems for facility managers because of forklift batteries and the acid that tends to leak from them or they leak oil & hydraulic fluid. Did you know that Alvarez Striping can help with this by offering chemical resistant floor coatings? At Alvarez Striping we have painted countless battery stations & coated floors for chemical resistance or clean up for many satisfied customers, let us know if you are interested in learning more about this great damage preventing service.

Warehouse Sweeping & Scrubbing Services

Many times when we arrive to warehouses or facilities that our looking to have some floor painting done, we find that they are typically in need of warehouse floor scrubbing and cleaning first. Rather than using a third party and causing an extra expense, Alvarez Striping offers these services in- house and only uses the finest equipment when cleaning your warehouse floor.

Warehouse Striping Pictures

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