Rules & Regulations

Finding, knowing, and implementing Parking lot striping codes for a specific city or county can be tricky. We are the professionals and we pride ourselves in keeping up with the most recent changes and updates in codes and regulations. You can trust that we will give the best advice for your specific project based on the codes and regulations for your particular city and county.

We also feel it is important to give you, as our customer, the tools needed so you have the opportunity to remain informed and up to date even if you are not in the middle of an active project.

As codes change it is important for you as a business owner or property manager to know exactly where to find this information. Although Alvarez Striping has a vast knowledge about parking lot striping codes for each county and many of the cities, it would be impossible to keep track of all of the municipalities, codes, and their constant changes.

We update our knowledge yearly for accuracy and make every effort to locate the closest or exact information on important ever changing codes and regulations including the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), parking lot striping layout issues, as well as fire lane painting codes and laws. We are here for you and happy to help with any questions you may have.

Handicap Stalls

Have you ever heard of the ADA (American Disabilities Act)? I am sure you have because it has been in effect since 1990. The ADA requires every business to have a mandatory number of handicap accessible parking spaces available to visitors. This requirement is based on the number of parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of utilized parking space. If you have a larger parking lot, you may also be required to have van-accessible handicap parking areas. Just as with fire lane compliance, we understand these codes and will make sure your parking area is compliant. We will discuss these requirements with you when providing you with a free quote. Rest assured we will be able to mark, stripe, and stencil your handicap parking stall areas.

Fire Lanes

Keeping your fire lanes clearly marked is not only a safety issue but is also a matter of city compliance. You do not want to get a visit from the fire marshal because your parking lot is not up to code. Take the initiative and get your parking lot re-striped before you end up getting a fine. Never fear there is no need for you to try and understand all of the fire codes for your city. We have you covered. We understand all of the codes for the area and we will make sure your parking lot stays in compliance. When you call for service we will be glad to review your current lot and let you know what you need to stay compliant so you do not get that visit from the fire marshal.

Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are great for slowing the speed of vehicles while they are on your property. We are experts at speed bump installation and removal. If your lot happens to have old speed bumps that need to be replaced, we will be glad to remove the old speed bumps and install new ones for you. Maybe you do not have speed bumps currently but realize you do need them, we will be glad to properly install new ones for you as well. If the existing speed bumps in your lot are in good condition, we can freshen them up with a nice coat of paint, to ensure that they are easily seen. Making sure the speed bumps are easy to see is important for both vehicles and pedestrians as well. We want to make sure that vehicles see the speed bumps so they do in fact slow down before hitting them at a high rate of speed. High visibility is also important for pedestrians so they do not trip over the speed bumps while walking from their car to your building.

Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are typically used to prevent serious damage to buildings, walls, and other vehicles. They are also used to let drivers know when to stop and keep their cars off of sidewalks and grass areas. Just like speed bumps we are experts when it comes to installation and removal of wheel stops. We will make sure they are installed properly and easily visible to both vehicles and pedestrians.

Directional Arrows

Keeping traffic moving in the proper direction is key when it comes to parking lot safety. The best way to keep traffic moving is by the use of directional arrows. For many businesses, arrows may not be needed, but for certain parking areas like banks, fast food restaurants, and car washes, having directional arrows painted on the lot will keep traffic flowing in the right direction.

Parking Lot Signage

Similar to directional arrows, having the proper signage in your parking lot can make a huge difference for the visitors of your business. We can help you with all types of signs in your parking lot.

Here are the typical types of signs we install:

  • Handicap Parking
  • No Parking Zones / Tow Away Zones
  • Stop / Yield / Pedestrian cross walk
  • Directional Signs

Having proper signage in your parking lot will help with keeping the traffic flowing properly as well as help with the safety of the patrons while on your property. Keeping everyone informed using signs is huge when it comes to safety issues.

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